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The Smüthe Affiliate Program offers a purposeful way to turn your enthusiasm for health and Smuthe products into a legitimate revenue stream. You can work alongside our brand that also features endorsements from real Smuthe users like full-time moms, fitness enthusiasts, foodies, and even top health figures across the nation. From our Boosts to our Protein powder, we feature a wide range of health products that can enhance and perfectly coexist with your lifestyle.

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When applying to be a Smuthe Affiliate member, take into account that this position is not for everyone. We are not looking for individuals with the most followers, and in fact, we hope to connect with you on a much deeper level than that.


Joining the team allows you to earn commissions, rewards, and products, while also helping others to live a healthy and happy life! If you think you would be a good fit, we welcome you to apply and join the Smüthe movement as we all strive for health and love.


Through our selective process, we have chosen and will continue to choose certain individuals whom we believe best fit the Smuthe lifestyle. You will be chosen based on how well you can connect with your community through your genuineness across platforms while also showcasing your love for the brand and health as a whole.


During our vetting process, we assess each applicant through utilizing available platforms that give us an insight to your social analytics. We are not only looking at your number of followers, but we focus on key insights like audience engagement, authenticity, demographics, and overall presence and tone. We strongly encourage you to submit your own social media analytics as it will help us reach a decision faster. This data will give us a clearer insight on you as an influencer, and it will ultimately help us make our final decision. To do this, simply export your analytics from your social channel and upload it in the submission form. Thank you for your trust and patience during this process.


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