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The Secret Ingredient That Protects Your Brain

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The Secret Ingredient That Protects Your Brain

We are all looking for that one simple fix to help with the longevity of our brain function, but finding that secret weapon to help you safeguard your brain can seem like a challenge. It may come as a surprise, but protecting your brain may be more attainable than it seems. The secret that you have been trying to uncover is debatably one of the most well-known stimulants worldwide — caffeine. 

Energy For the Brain

Through rigorous studies, Scientists have now found that caffeine, specifically from coffee, can actually help with brain health and even slow down mental decline.  Like anything else, caffeine can bring both its benefits and risks. Still, through the study performed by the University of Ulster in Coleraine, it was concluded that when consuming coffee in moderation, the benefits greatly exceed any prospective risks.

The coffee bean can provide great health benefits with not only its caffeine content but coupled with its antioxidant properties; it is a true powerhouse. While coffee is readily available for purchase pretty much anywhere you go, it is important to make sure the caffeine you consume is of quality and comes from a good, clean source. Popular caffeine choices come from coffee, green tea, and supplements, but our favorite caffeine source comes from the Coffeeberry®.

The Coffeeberry®, also known as coffee fruit, is derived from the same source as the coffee bean, but unlike the bean, Coffeeberry>®utilizes the entire fruit.  Normally, the coffee fruit is discarded during the coffee-making process, but new studies have shown that the fruit itself is actually a superfood!

Coffeeberry Benefits

With this latest discovery, the Coffeeberry® is starting to make waves and is being utilized in more and more products. The fruit is packed full of antioxidants and polyphenols in addition to its caffeine content. So what does this mean for your brain? Well, Coffeeberry® has the ability to increase serum levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a key neuro-protein involved in cognition, mood, and other key neuro-processes. Because of this, learning, memory, and higher thinking are inherently enhanced. BDNF has also been widely reported to play a critical role in neuronal development, maintenance, repair, and protection against neurodegeneration.

We realized the benefits that Coffeeberry® can provide to its users and decided to utilize it in our myenergy drink boost. We made it super simple to get your brain food every day by implementing it into a stick packet that you can take with you anywhere you go. Mix into your smoothie of choice or another food base, and go! Protecting your brain has never been so easy until now!

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