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Build A Powerhouse Immune System By Consuming Plenty Of Superfoods That Are Rich In Vitamin C, Polyphenols And Antioxidants

By Harnessing The Power Of 11 Superfoods, Any Salad Can Be Transformed Into The Ultimate "Immunity" Meal. This Little Packet Is Jam-Packed With Premium Nutrient-Dense Ingredients That Provide Vitamin A, B, C, Manganese, Calcium And So Much More!​

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ingredients found in "immunity"
have been clinically shown to help:

  • Neutralize Free Radicals
  • Support Immune Function
  • Protect Against Cell Damage
  • Protect & Regulate Immune Function​
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Photo-C is an 11 superfood
blend of acerola extract,
blueberry, strawberry, maqui
berry, Acai, tart cherry, kale,
broccoli, green tea extract,
green coffee bean, and turmeric extract

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Your daily
of healthy

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How to use

An immune-building pizza! Add 1 or more packets to any pizza and enjoy the immunity-building strength of 11 different superfoods.

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