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1000 FREE Units of Our Immunity Boost


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The Smüthe Company is proud to offer an immunity product like no other!

Featuring Phyto-C™

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Harness the power
of plants with

ingredient phytoc

Phyto-C™ is comprised of 11 superfoods, 4 of which are highly concentrated botanical extracts helping protect against cell damage and reduce inflammation while boosting your immune system.

Organic Acerola

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Vitamin C contributes to the normal and healthy function of the immune system.

Blueberry, Strawberry, Maqui Berry, Açaí, Tart Cherry Extract

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Dark berries and fruits contain anthocyanins known to help protect against free radicals and support the immune system.**

Green Coffee Bean Extract,
Green Tea Extract,
Turmeric Extract

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These extracts provide catechins, chlorogenic acid and curcuminoids which help protect from free radicals and support the immune system.**

Kale, Broccoli

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These greens deliver vitamin C, sulforaphane, folate and other nutrients that help support the immune system.**

**Substantation on file

keto/paleo/vegan friendly

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5 calories,
0g sugar,
1g carbs

Take back your health

and control of your life with
clinically researched

Think of all the ways

to boost your

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Enrich your
favorite toast
by adding an

Boost any
smoothie or
protein drink

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Add immunity to anything

you eat or drink; like salads, tea,
smoothies, protein shakes,
egg burritos, yogurt, pizza . . .


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