RichBerry 12000 ™is a trademark of InovoBiologic, Inc

Carrier-free, premium, whole fruit powders and blends from Inovo Biologic are produced utilizing proprietary EnviroSimplex® novel drying technology.

Natural, Gluten-Free, non-GMO

Why RichBerry®?

Richberry IngredientCanada’s Inovo Biologic’s “Rich” family of whole fruit concentrates and extracts are known industry-wide for consistently delivering efficacious loads of phytonutrient actives from antioxidant-rich fruits and berries. Whether it’s RichBerry®, CranRich®, BlueRich® or RaspberryRich®, all “Rich” products ensure superior phytonutrient profiles and high ORAC values.

Produced using Enviro-Simplex® technology, unlike other fruit and berry products that are derived from juice, Inovo Biologic utilizes the whole fruit or plant, including peel, stem and seeds which can be rich sources of antioxidant goodness. The Enviro-Simplex® technology was developed to ensure consistent, high potency concentration so as to guarantee the integrity of key active plant constituents.

Carrier free fruit powders in the ‘Rich’ family clearly stand out as the best value going in the cluttered fruit and berry ingredient marketplace.

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