Antioxidant + Turmeric


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Reduce Inflammation by combining  ANTIOXIDANT & TURMERIC

If you are struggling with inflammation, we recommend using our products ANTIOXIDANT and TURMERIC !

The antioxidant drink boost is the perfect way to harness the benefits of a powerful superfood. Delphinol®, featured here in the drink boost, is a concentrated source of maqui berries and packed with antioxidants to help stabilize free radicals and reduce inflammation.
Turmeric benefits are well documented and have been used in Eastern medicine and Ayurvedic practices for years to help patients with various medical conditions. The turmeric drink boost contains two high-quality forms of curcumin paired with black pepper extract for increased absorption. Turmeric supplementation has been known to greatly benefit those who suffer chronic inflammation due to underlying health conditions.


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