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This boost features the super ingredient CAPROS® that is supported by 11 clinical studies to show an increase in overall cardiovascular health like Reducing LDL, improving blood flow and reducing biomarkers of inflammation. 

Capros® amla extract 500mg (fruit) (Phyllanthus emblica)

Inactive Soluble Tapioca Fiber (MITOFIBER™)

Prioritize your cardiovascular wellbeing with the hearthealth™ drink boost.  Perfect or anyone looking to support a healthy heart and cardiovascular endurance. Simply add one serving of hearthealth™ to your routine.

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Reasons to get boosted

  • Help Reduce Inflammation
  • Work towards Lowering Cholesterol
  • Improve Blood Flow
  • Increase Nitric Oxide & Glutathione 
  • Improve Energy Levels

It’s what's inside that counts

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CAPROS® is a super antioxidant derived from the fruits of Phyllanthus emblica (Indian gooseberry). 

Boost With A Purpose

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High Cholesterol

Inflammation and high cholesterol can be heavily correlated, and it can raise huge concerns. The active ingredient Capros can help to improve your lipid profile by reducing LDL, improve blood flow and reduce biomarkers of inflammation which in turn can leave you with healthier cholesterol levels and inflammation.

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Longer Endurance

If you are an athlete, hearthealth™ may benefit you in more ways than you know! Capros in the hearthealth™ boost can increase energy levels while also improving cardiovascular health and endurance. Now you can be on your A-game all of the time!

Product Reviews

2 reviews for hearthealth boost

  1. Donna

    Have found a great change in my energy and overall health.

  2. Ermelindo K.

    A few packets of these had me more energized than ever before. And it was a HEALTHY energy. I felt I could do more without getting tired.

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