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This boost is a proprietary blend of fruits that contains health-boosting phytonutrients packed with antioxidants, stilbenes, and anthocyanins that help promote healthy cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, support cognitive health and longevity. 

Accordion Content

PhytoServ Fruit Blend 70mg

(Grape Seed Extract, Wild Blueberry, Raspberry, Prune, Cranberry, Tart Cherry, Strawberry, Bilberry, Grape, Blueberry Extract, Billberry Extract, Raspberry Seed)

Shown to enhance your overall health while keeping you resilient to many of life’s negative elements. This is a fruit smoothie that’s about you.

Thanks to the PhytoServ™ fruit blend in our myfruit boost, getting your daily fruit servings has never been easier!  Take with you anywhere and pour into your favorite smoothie, protein drink, yogurt or other food base. You no longer have to worry about that sugar-spike that comes along with eating fruits. 

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Reasons to get boosted

  • Foods Known to Promote Immune Health
  • Concentrated Source of Anthocyanins & Phenolic Acids 
  • One Daily Serving of Fruit Per Packet
  • Comprised of Whole Food Fruits
  • Concentrated Fruit-Based Extracts
  • Vegan Friendly

It’s what's inside that count

MitoFiber Ingred

A natural source of soluble tapioca fiber and is Non-GMO and Vegan.


PhytoServ™ Veggie Blend contains the concentrated nutrients of 9 in one serving.

Boost With A Purpose

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High Cholesterol

 When you struggle with lowering your bad cholesterol levels, it is important to remember that maintaining good habits like exercise, meditation, and eating the proper foods can help tremendously. Taking a myfruit™ boost can help you feel more at ease if you struggle with maintaining a healthy cholesterol balance.

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More Fruit for the Fruit Smoothie

 If you are following a low-carb or keto diet, you can now get the fruit smoothie nutrients you need without the added carbs and sugars. This low-calorie fruit packet is so dense with health-boosting benefits, you will want to take one with you everywhere you go! 

Product Reviews

3 reviews for myfruit boost

  1. Carl

    So good, so easy. I know for sure for the past 10 years I always miss the recommended fruit and veggies servings to keep my health and what better than myfruit and myveggie as I add that one as well.

  2. Kilian J

    I’ve been on keto for 3 months and lost 35 pounds. I feel great but I do miss fruit. I got on a dragon fruit kick that had to end when going on keto. I love this brand because if you’re on keto every single product is a fit. I started with myfruit because one packet is a daily serving of fruit that I don’t get from my diet and like everything else they have it’s sugar free and only 5 calories. I just ordered myveggie and am reading through the other products.

  3. Victoria M.

    Great flavor. Completely removes the stress of feeling like you have to eat fruits before they go bad, and it saves me frequent trips to the store. Everything I need is in the packet

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