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Our recovery™ boost features Recovera, a true powerhouse recovery supplement. Backed by human clinical trials, Recovera has been shown to improve the insulin response to training, thus allowing for a speedy post-workout recovery. The anti-inflammatory benefits are also great for anyone looking to help regulate blood sugar, or even reduce the effects of a hangover.

Recovera → this Recovery Prickly Pear 1000mg Cactus extract (cladodes and fruit skins) (Opuntia Ficus-Indica)

When you train hard, your body uses carbohydrates stored in muscles called glycogen to fuel the workout. Replenishing levels immediately after training can have a significant impact on all aspects of the recovery process. When glycogen is restored, the body can recover from training more efficiently. To optimize recovery after training, simply mix one sick pack of recovery in with your favorite protein drink or smoothie.

Pair with  mycore™ as your smoothie base to further enhance your nutritional profile!

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We’re all about the facts

Human clinical trials using 1 gram of Recovera revealed that it was effective at helping muscles convert carbohydrates into energy, making it an ideal must-have post-workout addition to your protein shake or smoothie. Patented Recovera supports 4 post-training recovery goals by helping

It’s what's inside that counts

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Recovera® Prickly Pear Cactus Helps restore glycogen levels in the body to enhance recovery after workouts.

Boost With A Purpose

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After a really intense workout, you may feel like you can’t possibly go on. How will you complete tomorrow’s workout when your body feels so depleted today? Whether you’re a strength training enthusiast, a runner, crossfitter, kickboxer, or do another high intensity sport, follow your intense workout with a myrecovery stick packet! Get the recovery you need so you can complete tomorrow’s physical challenge with a BOOST! 

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You’ve heard the saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Well, now you can! After a long night out, full of fun activities and a couple of too many drinks, the next day can be unbearable. Tackling tomorrow’s task does not have to be put on hold anymore, even after a night of drinking. Add the myrecovery stick packet to help with that horrendous hangover. Why cancel your next day’s plans, when you can take a myrecovery?!

Product Reviews

3 reviews for recovery boost

  1. Olivia

    Very happy I chose to add this product on with mycore protein. I can tell an immediate difference with the decreased recovery time!

  2. Ramon

    I’ve been researching the best things to do post-exercise and I love the science behind this product. It’s all about recovery and how recovery happens. I noticed that taking this product with carbohydrates works a lot better than if just pouring it in your mouth and washing it down.

  3. Max P.

    I always recommend this one to my lifting friends. I just add it to my post-work out drink and that’s literally it. The fact that it doesn’t change the flavor is a huge plus. Packaging is a little annoying, but definitely worth it.

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