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One Of The Most Exciting Food Boosts Offered by The Smüthe Company Is Its Turmeric Product.


I received a call from a new customer in the Cleveland area who had some questions about our turmeric product. What was different about this call was the degree of enthusiasm that she expressed about our product. She was almost over the top! When I asked why she was so excited, she replied: 

“We are a spa and one of the products we serve most to our clients is a golden 
spicy coffee.”

She understood that our product was a concentrate and that a single stick packet was the equivalent of a much larger dose of of just turmeric. The product was a perfect fit for her application as an addition to coffee drinks.

That’s all great but I was grossed out. I am not a big fan of curry and I know that turmeric plays a major role in most curry recipes. I associated what she was saying about spicy coffee with the curry stuff I really didn’t like, so I was dubious at best. Who am I kidding? I just wasn’t buying it. 

Later that same day, I said, what the heck, let me at least try it, and I’m glad I did it. I fell in love with our turmeric product! My coffee still tasted like coffee, but now it had a fun bite. You see, if we were using powdered wholefood turmeric I would have to use approximately 3 spoons of the stuff. Because I used one stick packet of our turmeric/curcumin product I had more curcumin content than 3 spoons of regular turmeric and only needed 1/16th the dose by weight.

The magic of turmeric is in its curcumin content and not the yellow stuff. Unfortunately, turmeric only has an approximate 3% curcumin content by weight. Our stick packet has a concentrated form of curcumin that is approximately 95% by weight and delivers just about 500mg of curcumin per serving. The little bit of tapioca powders takes even more of the bite off. Oh! The added BioPerine® increases the curcumin absorption of our product by 20 TIMES.

Now, there are so many amazing benefits associated with curcumin use. Visit our product page to see some of the standouts. The most notable, among so many benefits, is its role in reducing inflammation in the body. I think we all understand that inflammation has a significant role in in the proliferation of so many deseases. Because of curcumins known role as an antioxidant, it can help reduce inflammation. 

Take advantage of whatever promotion we currently have on turmeric and try spicy coffee for yourself. Remember, you can add it to tea, salads, smoothies, protein shakes, etc.

Paul Burton

Paul Burton


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